Business Ready Solutions 

Financial Report

All businesses are unique but when tasks are divided in subtasks, often we realize that some parts of the puzzle are similar. Therefore, we created a prebuild tool that can automate part of your process and save your time. Here are the prebuilt tools we can provide: 

  • Auto email processer and reply: Automatically process email and send reply 

  • Auto compare: Automated list and file comparator 

  • Prebuilt design for custom forms: Make sure the data is entered correctly with our prebuilt data entry form 

  • Prebuilt code ready for automated report generation with Excel 

  • Prebuilt design to read data on webpage and import results locally. 

  • Excel file scanner: Evaluate and understand the complexity of a file with this tool. 

  • Access macro scanner: Evaluate and understand the complexity of a database with this tool. 

  • PDF extraction tool: Extract data from a PDF file 

  • Prebuilt desktop application